Pacquiao Arum Mayweather Haymon

The theatre spectacle ended up being to be Mayweather compared to. Alvarez last Saturday night in Las Vegas, turned out to be much more like a so-so movie on the rainy Thursday night. While Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse provided all the drama we thought might accompany the main event, all in all, we still wanted more.

Arum Dances As Mayweather Heads Into The Slammer


The lure of bigger prize money and fame aside, would seem the only thing left for him to prove is a Manny Pacquiao against. Floyd Mayweather fight. But that seems one of the remote possibility as time goes and also by. At 33, he's physically sound, strong, plus in great form. That's Timothy Bradley right there describing his next competition. On June 9, 2012, globe will witness the Manny Pacquiao compared to. Timothy Bradley bout pitting a determined fighter from Palm Spring about the best pound for pound fighter in the realm at at the time.

I need admit the promotion via the UFC for UFC 100 puts most boxing promotions to waste. Probably because boxing promoters sell the show's off with casino properly network and wipe their hands virtually any promoting instead of a mid week press conference.

Pacquiao is really a of the most generous world champions offers ever graced the boxing ring. He has given away money and material gifts to so many people may can't count them practically. His God's gifted skill to fight has put money into the pockets lots of. The greed of some men around him has dug its heels into the sand which explains not easily displaced. A genuine effort . no doubt that Pacquiao gets the MTAOA award, and it is not a good award. Manny has been taken advantage of by people and really it is disgusting.

In a large part of my interview with Farhood we maintain ones ball rolling and examine some characters near or at the same weight class as Floyd and Manny. From Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s upcoming title shot, Saul Alvarez's star appeal, the recent Timothy Bradley-Amir Khan fallout, the possibility of a Miguel Cotto-Kermit Cintron showdown down the road, and much more, Farhood was candid with his delivery and insightful, as is always the case.

Were it not for Pacquiao's inexplicable let standing on the gas pedal within championship rounds, the fight itself the "Pacman" whitewash. But outcome remains, and it is what it.

Pacquiao, may be fighting for his eighth world title within unprecedented eighth different weight class, demonstrated little concern about Margarito's height or reach advantage.

Number step 1. Manny Pacquiao. Manny still props up number 1 spot on all lists except for Yahoo's (he is number 2). If he drops the deal with Cotto, then expect Mayweather to be a new 1 P4P fighter in massive. Alternatively, if he defeats Cotto, not just Yahoo will be able to question his status since your number 1 fighter. Examine what Pacquiao and Mayweather accomplished against common opponents, Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao Foundation Oscar De La Hoya, as well as baffles your head as to why the Yahoo voters downgraded this guy.

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